Beginning Care with Plainview

This blog is intended to give families and friends a realistic idea of what to expect when beginning the journey of selecting an assisted living facility for your loved one to reside. The process can take time. The process can try your patience. The process can require lots of paperwork and forms. But with the help of a caring staff, this process can be a smooth transition for both your loved one and you.

As you consider what type of care you would like your loved one to receive there are many questions you may have. Sharing these questions with each facility you inquire will be a benefit, so that you and your family can make the most informed choice. These questions may include:

What is the medical experience of your staff?

Do you provide round the clock care?

Do you provide home-cooked meals, following dietary needs if required?

Do you provide a healthy social life for the residents?

Do you have in-house physicians or nurses?

What are the services that are provided in the facility?

What are the associated cost of the facility?

What are the extra costs of the facility?

What does the facility require of the family, especially of the Power of Attorneys?

Does your facility meet and exceed the standards set by the State?

What is your staff to resident ratio?

Does your facility meet its mission statement?

Arming yourself with these questions and your own, will guide you through discovering what facility will fit your loved the best.

Other tips that will guide your final decision:

Take a tour of each facility you inquire of.

Speak with our Administrator and Home Manager

Ask about financial information while in the office.

Ask for partnership services that work well with the facility.

Good luck with beginning your journey!

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