Facility Placement: Beginning Steps

Information Gathering

As the process begins to find a facility, there is certain information that families should be aware of and be able to present to the facility upon admission. With many facilities taking names and information for room waiting lists, it is encouraged to give the facility you are interested in as much information as possible so they may make preparations for the welcoming, transition, and long term stay of your loved one.

Learning about your loved ones needs is possibly the most important aspect going into their every day care. What are the important dates on the calendar that should be remembered that make an impact in their life? What does your loved one like to do as a hobby? What behavioral quirks does your loved one exhibit? How mobile is your loved one? Can they move freely; on their own unassisted with assistance? What are the interests of your loved one? What foods does your loved one enjoy eating? What were some happy locations your loved one lived in? What was the occupation of your loved one?

This information, though not medically pertinent, when given allows the staff to be more attuned to the daily needs of your loved one. This includes the little things, such as, what bathing products your loved one prefers, to what clothing items they love to wear, and what music they enjoy listening to.

Below is a list of information that you, as the representative or power of attorney, should be able to provide accurately for the resident’s medical records:

Resident Full Name


Social Security Number


Resucitate/Do Not Resucitate Decision

Health Insurance

Supplemental Insurance

Prescription Plan

Physician Names & Info (postal, phone and fax)

Specialist Names & Info (postal, phone and fax)

Optometrist Names & Info (postal, phone and fax)

Dentist Names & Info (postal, phone and fax)

Representative 1 & 2 Name & Contact information

Preparing yourself with this information allows the admittance process to go much smoother for all parties, and allows both the staff and residents the opportunity to welcome your loved one upon arrival.

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