Healthy Habits for Healthy Living

Maintaining healthy habits after a life changing event can sometimes be a great challenge that a family is not prepared for. Cutting out favorite foods, snacks, treats and meals can be a dismal affair, especially when they are the “go-to” foods. Adjusting exercise patterns to a doctor and physician recommended ones to achieve healthy goals is a battle too. However, these can be achieved with the help of those who care for your loved on in an assisted living facility.

Continuing and beginning healthy habits to maintain and retain factors of health is a number one priority at Plainview Assisted Living. This is done through several ways:

Social eating is encouraged by the way of community meal times (8am, noon and 5pm) in the public dining room. Meals are healthy, filled with vegetables and fruit, along with grains, proteins and dairy. Home-style meals are preferred and cooked in the facility kitchen by trained cooks. Desserts are also offered with meals. Those with special dietary needs, e.g. low sodium, puree food, etc. are accommodated for. Overall, residents get a voice in the food they would like to be served and it is presented in a form that is pleasing to all appetites.

Exercise programs are offered and hosted by both care aides and by visiting care agencies. Exercise times are community centered. Residents gather in the dining area and share in fun as they move their bodies during games and to music, as well as group exercise to their favorite tunes. Those residents who have physical therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, speech therapy, etc. are given time one on one, if needed, to complete their exercises.

Social and education habits are offered through activities such as Bingo, crafts, Art Appreciation, Mini-Concerts, Coloring, and other exciting planned events. Though these times have a planned activity, the best outcome is the socialization that happens between residents as they form friendships and relationships through being actively social together. Many residents form close friendships with their dining table mates and with those who do the same activities together.

Religious habits are maintained through visitations of pastors and clergy from many denominations. These visits and mini-services are usually half an hour and include hymn sing time, prayer, and a short sermon. Communion is offered via volunteers from local churches. And clergy are always very helpful about being “on call” when the families of residents request a visitation.

So be assured, when you are searching for an assisted living facility, or you choose to place your loved one with us here at Plainview Assisted Living, your loved one is getting rounded care. Assisted living is not just the medical aspect of the care of your loved one, but it’s the upkeep of healthy habits and whole living through other offered services and activities.

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